Do hunters still meet their self proclaimed commitment of conservation & care?

New challenges ahead

Die Keiler news update January 2019
Big surprise: Most of the noble intentions promised New Year 2018 are still cueing up on the door step of 2019 … in good shape and bringing along even more buddies.
Yes, we had promised to keep you updated more regularly. Bad try!

The junior generation of the DIE KEILER team, Wiebke & Rainer Halenke received an award at the NAPHA AGM for selling the 3rd most trophy medals during 2018. Congratulations and well done! The money generated from the medal sale, is of utmost importance for our National hunting association Napha. Many overdue research projects can be set off the ground and a highly valued share is directed to the roots where a nation is built: to schools of the poorest.

Hunting has been in the spotlight of public attention again during the past year, and is increasingly questioned worldwide, particularly trophy hunting is condemned in total.
New organizations pop up, …. new niche markets are looked for, but also a total new approach towards the perception on hunting is possible:
Do hunters still meet their self proclaimed commitment of conservation & care? What forces the “others” into such hostility? For how long will “hunting” still be part of our lives? …. Or is it already “out”? …. Can hunting ever be out,... as hunting is an integral part of human being as “gathering”? …. Or is just a radical change in attitude required and imminent???
The needed answer has most probably to be found by each one himself, each one of us to whom hunting is close to heart, but of course also each one, that like to press the “delete all” button for hunting with passion as well.
Namibia is in the very fortunate position, that ethical hunting is supported by its own government in every aspect.

Deeply touched we had to say farewell to Frank Heger mid of last year. He lost his life in a totally unnecessary car accident. Frank was not only a good friend, but also a key person in our hunting association and a highly respected politician. Each and all ethnical groups in Namibia honored his input into the sensitive topic of Land reform. The analytical ability of Frank could differentiate between factual discussions and emotional discussions and lead any debate back to the point in such simple logical steps, which can only be attributed as ingenious. Thank you Frank, for all what you have done for our country!

At Hohenau builders do their very best to complete the total new guest house for the upcoming hunting season, which will commence in due time. The complex is situated on the edge of the “house hill” with a fantastic view over the big riverbed next to the homestead. We partners anxiously await the “house warming” party.
With intense hope for a prolific rainy season for Namibia,
Sincere regards, your DIE KEILER editors