Friedrich and Uta Redecker welcome you on their ranch WESTFALENHOF, situated in the Swakop valley in the western reaches of the central highlands.
Since 1896 the Redecker family, now in their fourth generation, have called Westfalenhof their home. Enjoy your stay in enchanting surroundings, where high mountains and dry riverbeds create a most idyllic Namibian scenery.


Rainer und Wiebke Halenke are awaiting you at their ranch HOHENAU in the central highlands-(1600m/5500ft above sea level) situated in the central thorn bush savannah of the country. A network of riverbeds cuts through surrounding mountainous landscape, an unspoiled biotope shelters many species of fauna and flora. A hunting trip to ranch COWDRAY on the fringes of the Kalahari desert with its red sand dunes and abundant game is possible.


Immo and Almut Wilckens bid you welcome to the hunting ranch ONGANGASEMBA, situated in the North-central region of Nambia.
Below flat-topped Mount Etjo, the dry riverbed of the Omuramba Omatako winds its way through grass plains strewn with bush and fringed by the foothills of the adjacent highlands. A large variety of game share the pristine habitat.


Ortwin and Silke von Gossler will host you at their hunting ranch ORUA and take you through the fascinating landscape of the Namibian Northwest.
The ranch offers intriguing glimpses of history among huge granite boulders, which shelter numerous sites of ancient rock art. Painted by bushmen several centuries ago, they are testimony of the abundance of game still thriving on Orua.