September 2022

September 2022
After quite some while a hearty welcome to all our hunting friends around the globe!

Life is subject to constant changes … this does also apply to “Die Keiler – Namibian Hunting” group.

32 years back the joint venture “Die Keiler” was founded and very soon we realized that this unique co-operation was worthwhile to cherish and to extend. During all these years many adventures, interactions and friendships gave meaningful contents to our lives and contributed to this success story.
“Die Keiler – Namibian Hunting “group was always a kind of benchmark in the professional hunting fraternity in Namibia. Most of the partners participated actively for years in the Namibian Professional Hunters Association NAPHA and contributed to the conservation goals and efforts within Namibia.
However –nothing is as predictable as constant change like the four seasons year after year - nothing will remain the same forever. In July 2022 another two senior partner families left the “Die Keiler – Namibia Hunting” group. We say farewell to Almut & Immo Wilckens from Ongangasemba and Uta & Friedrich Redecker from Westfalenhof. We want to thank you on our behalf and on behalf of many grateful hunters & friends for all what you have done & been for us and them!
The future group will consist of Fam Wiebke & Rainer Halenke from Hohenau and Silke & Ortwin von Gossler from Orua. This will obviously necessitate restructuring and changes on all respective promotion and internet advertisement. Accordingly, please bear with us as this will take quite some time.
Although “Die Keiler – Namibian Hunting” are in the moment a smaller team, we will do our utmost best to fulfill the dreams & aspirations of our esteemed hunting friends. We are still offering hunts to other hunting concessions to maintain the proven concept of supplementation of landscape, fauna & flora, on request, as already done in the past with great success between Hohenau & Cowdray.
Namibia remains a highly sought-after destination for safari & hunting. The vast open spaces – the huge variety of wildlife - the unspoiled landscape, in combination with a modern infrastructure provides the visitor a unique experience rarely found elsewhere in the world these days.
For today, the new “Die Keiler – Namibian Hunting” team send their sincere regards,
Silke & Ortwin, Wiebke & Rainer