News update January 2018

Another year is in pole position.

We sincerely hope that all of you had a joyful and trouble free start into 2018. Please accept our apologies for the long silence on our side however we want to pledge improvement in future.

Any news update from Namibia would be incomplete, if a comment on the weather would be missing.
The last couple of weeks were dominated by extreme high temperatures. Up to 46 degrees C were measured at Westfalenhof, this is indeed no pleasure and shatters every rain initiative. Only here and there some clouds manage to beat the unfavorable weather pattern and released the sought after water for a very few lucky ones positioned underneath.

The observer is able to witness this splendor of nature from a distance … capture spectacular pictures and of cause hope for his turn.
Fortunately the situation is not critical jet, we still manage to hang on to large reserves of dry roughage gained from the good rainy season 2017, thus we can await the new rainy relatively season stress-free. But of cause the final relaxation for a farmer only materialize, once the land is covered again with waving grass plains after adequate rains.

The government of Namibia is busy to finalize a new Wildlife bill, pertaining also to all hunting and conservation practices. At the end of 2017 the line ministry gave the stakeholders within the private sector another opportunity to have a final look into the content regarding amendments and recommendations. Many proposed changes are long overdue and therefore greatly welcomed by the hunting fraternity, some however have overshot the target. This debate about principles of conservation has indeed triggered lively discussions creating an atmosphere of a creative unrest.

The Namibian ministry of Environment and Tourism is adamant to stop all unethical hunting practices here and now. All trespassing will be sanctioned by severe penalties. Unfortunately such stringent rules and regulations also burdens and paralyzes those that always have obeyed the law…. and ads to the dreaded red tape of bureaucracy.
An extensive thank you and sincere appreciation goes to the Napha Exco and members, who have sacrificed valuable time and made a huge effort to amend the new Wildlife bill in the interest of all Namibians, primarily the hunting sector, the tourism sector and the communities at grassroots levels.

Die Keiler await the new hunting season with anticipation and is looking forward to meet all hunting guests that have already booked and those still in the “pipe-line”. Sincere regards your Keiler team.