News update August 2017

Sensational yellow grass plains

News update August 2017

With the greatest pleasure we enjoy our deep yellow grass plains this year. What a sight and what a sensation after 3 years of drought in a row, of which 2016, without doubt has been the worst Namibian citizens` memory.

This is Namibia the arid country in the south-western region of Africa, so often referred to as the country between two deserts. Mostly it’s not a question of a ground water shortage supplying the drinking water, in excellent quality, but indeed the insufficient precipitation delivered by the clouds, that time and again threatens our very livelihood.
Severe animal losses were inflicted by the extreme dry conditions in 2016, particularly in the western parts of Namibia effecting both wildlife and domestic stock. However it is just amazing how the wildlife is adapted to these harsh conditions and somehow manages to survive.

Hunting, specifically stalking demands skills of its own in such an abundant yellow vastness.
The warthogs give away their position only because of their antenna; the little steenbok is completely hidden. Even the big Oryx is sheltered half body…. and still our Ph’es succeeded to transform various desires of our esteemed hunters into a happy “Waidmansheil”.

We would very much like to draw your attention on an organization “Hunters United Against Poaching” ,, established by a handful of highly passionate individuals in 2015. This important initiative is supported by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism under the patronage of Napha our Namibian Professional Hunters Association. Biannually an exclusive Gala dinner ( 31st of August 2017 ) is hosted, with lots of stunning auction items. The entire income generated directly flows into supporting the well trained Anti Poaching units and the purchase of much needed equipment, to better protect the dreadfully endangered rhino, as well as elephants. These units have to rely mostly on donations from all over the world to finance their presence and actions out in the bush.
Everybody, hunters and the general public are invited to hold hands and contribute towards saving of the iconic endangered species for generations to come.

You are most welcome to join the auction (even online), but also each and every other donation is greatly appreciated.
Hunters Against Poaching Trust
Bank Windhoek Namibia
Branch: Maerua Mall 483 872
Account: 800 509 7499
Proof of payment: [email protected]